"When I took over the daunting task of Operations, my first priority was upgrading our internet and server. In spite of being a full-service post house to major Hollywood films, I swear you could hear the modem connecting our dial- up internet. All of that changed when we found Mac Rescue. Steve and his team were exceptionally professional, and worked patiently within our budget and at our pace to slowly make the upgrades around our schedule.

They were mindful of our limitations and sensitive to the extremely confidential and high profile projects that were funneling through our system. They made sure that we were secure, upgraded to the latest software and systems, and were always there when we needed them—from something as small as a password to catastrophic as the server room overheating. It has been a pleasure working with them."

Bob Merrick
Post-Production Director Of Operations

"From our first entry into the digital design world at Capitol Records to present day upgrades of software and new technology, my staff needed help solving complex and urgent production and technical issues. We were 'MacRescued' and revived from day one.

As Creative Director, managing a large staff, keeping them current, connected, and efficient was an important foundation to creating great work. But as Mac users within the company, we were our own island in a sea of PCs, and were compelled to outsource incredibly valuable system service. Cross-platform was a dirty word in those days, so the internal IT department didn't want to bite the Apple, and asked us to find the company that would best serve our needs.

I liken Steve and his team to the old-fashioned country doctor—always on call for any emergency, any time, any place. The patient always survived and our work always got done. Although he is always there in crisis situations, Steve is best at prevention: setting up systems, knowing compatibility issues with software, expert maintenance and upgrades. With computer reliability more important than ever to productivity, his experience, continuous Apple training, wide computer knowledge, and interest in design and graphic arts makes MacRescue the best choice for your computer needs."

Tommy Steele
Creative Director

"MacRescue's understanding of the computer needs of a graphics department, as well as their comprehension of the limitations of budget and timelines, are critical in allowing my staff and me the ability to maximize our wares (hard & soft). And their discretion and confidentiality in handling sensitive documents and trade secrets are without fail.

MacRescue are not just specialists in computers, they are specialists in the individual needs of a single person or entire department."

Michelle Azzopardi
Creative Director

"For the past ten years, we have used MacRescue exclusively for all of our I.T. needs. Many years ago, they guided our studio through a comprehensive system upgrade from OS 9 to OS X. Throughout that transition and beyond, their overall efficiency and attention to detail have helped keep our operations smooth and trouble-free."
Orabor Design

"MacRescue... runs like a well-oiled machine."

The Franklin Report

"For over four years, Mac Rescue has been the sole provider of computer support for our office. Personal attention, prompt response time, friendliness, and an utmost level of professionalism are the standard for the company's consultants and technicians. In an industry that is often demanding on both time and patience, I take comfort in knowing that MacRescue is available even with the sometimes odd schedule and circumstances of television production. The staff is extremely adept, and it is reassuring that they are constantly in training and are on the forefront of any technology updates and developments that might affect our computer equipment and overall operation as a company.

Perhaps what is most reassuring is how much Steve Leebove and his staff take their work and their clients personally. They truly do care about every client's specific needs and concerns, and that commitment is apparent in every service visit and phone call. They are considered part of the family here in our office. Without a doubt, Mac Rescue has proven to be a crucial part of our operations."

Adam Hutson and Greg Sills         
Bob Bain Productions and Chloe Productions

"As someone in the music business, I receive tons of emails daily—whether its about promoting Celine Dion or Norah Jones, if my computer is down, I lose a day of business. Before I found out about Mac Rescue and Steve Leebove, my stress level was constant, as I was always having problems with my computers. Since meeting him my stress level is now zero percent (at least about my computer.) Hiring Mac Rescue was one of the best business decisions I have ever made."

Sandi Lifson         
Sandi Lifson Entertainment

"I have worked with Steve Leebove and MacRescue for over 10 years, and am certain that their services have helped my business flourish. As it's grown, my offices have moved twice; Mac Rescue not only moved and connected all of our computers, they helped me choose the correct equipment needed for the new location. And Steve or Jon have always been available in person or by phone, whenever needed.

I would highly recommend MacRescue and will continue to use their services as long as I am in business."

Ronni Cooper
President, medical placement firm